Who, for whom and why

The GCA: dedicated to travellers who like comfort.

Welcome! I am Lu and I want to welcome you to the GCA.
During my life I travelled around the world.. sky, sea, land and then I put it back.. to devote myself full-time to the air traffic control. 
When I decided to design and renovate this accomodation, I thought to dedicate the GCA to people who, like me, have the passion for travelling and appreciate comfort, beauty, tastes and smells of the holiday.
Therefore, if you want to know interesting itineraries in the Riviera of Levante, if you want to go to boat rides or trips in the green, if you want to discover history and art, but also the delicious recipes and the most delicious locals of this beautiful region, I can provide you the best directions for an holiday just for you and your family.
Housed in an historical building in the Art Nouveau district of Spezia, the GCA will offer you ideas, details and exotic objects reminding the atmosphere of the trip.

You could comment your stay, leave a dedication on the Logbook of the House and discover curious surprises in the Green Coffer, the original Fichet safety box that offers its guests very surprisingly messages: a small special welcome to special customers!

A curiosity: the acronym GCA, summarising the name Green Coffer Apartment in the logo, has a special meaning for fans of aviation. It identifies a delicate manouvre performed by the pilot under the guidance of a radar operator, called in slang Ground Controlled Approach. Pilots, air traffic controllers, meteorologists are welcome to the Green Coffer Apartment

Info & bookings

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